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Simple, stylish, sexy

The Arc is one cool machine. Sleek lines, integrated lights, and an all-round slick look. Can you handle it?

Stop waiting

Are you done waiting around for the bus? Bike shares that are empty? Sitting in afternoon traffic when all you want is to be hanging out with your buds? Why wait around when you could be moving from A to B, bypassing traffic jams and cruising past the bus stop queue. The OMVOS Arc is here to make commuting fun again.

Style Comes Standard

Who doesn’t want their ride to stand out? At OMVOS, we know that looking good is just as important as feeling good. The Arc was designed with this in mind,so we kept the lines flowing. From the handlebars all the way to the back wheel, there is a streamlined feeling of cool going through it. The guys over at RedDot even gave us a ‘Best of the Best’ award in 2021.

Superior Strength

We’ve tested scooters, and a lot of them just seemed to be flimsy and didn’t give us the feeling of trust we wanted. That’s why we went out and built what is possibly the strongest scooter frame on the market. Made of ultra-light weight magnesium, our frames are single-cast with tons of reinforcing ribs. We love how solid it feels, and know you will too.

Smooth Stopping

Need to hit the brakes? We’ve got you covered. With a front drum brake, and an ABS electronic braking system in the back, the Slider’s stopping power is top of the class. 

Safe Sliding

When night comes around, we won’t leave you in the dark. The Arc has a super bright headlight, combining style and function, that illuminates up to 10 meters in front of you, so you’ll always know what’s ahead. In addition to that, the two side lights and rear light will let others know you’ve arrived.