OM - 奧義書 : 極贊、極致。    VOS - 法文 : 你,您們的。
OMVOS - 專心研發設計未來電動輕載具,滿足不同風格的您們。

OMVOS 致力於為兩輪電動車的世界帶來改變。我們的目標是通過為人們提供易於使用的電動載具來煥發活力,讓人們更喜歡電動自行車來移動。憑藉多樣化的產品,我們相信每個人都會找到適合自己品味的產品。


集結 E-Bike / E- Scooter 專業領域團隊成員,來自不同上市科技公司,皆具有多年量產經驗豐富的資深電機、電控、電池工程,測試工程與多次獲德國 IF 與 Red Dot 設計獎的產品設計團隊。我們希望帶給您電動輕載具更多新選擇,以更好更健康的方式參與移動。

OMVOS 在系統創新和設計領域擁有世界領先的專業知識。我們的願景是創建一系列創新、創意和獨特的電動載具,以幫助人們表達自己的移動風格。通過騎乘我們的產品,您能有更健康的生活,從而與世界更加和諧相處。希望世界可以開始擺脫傳統燃燒,進入更環保的淨零世界。

OMVOS is a company founded in 2021 in Taoyuan, Taiwan, to revolutionize the world of electric vehicles. We strive to provide people with easy-to-use electric bikes that offer a revitalizing experience, making E-bikes more pleasurable. Our diverse range of products is designed to suit your taste.

At OMVOS, we pride ourselves on being world leaders in system innovation and design. We have a highly skilled design team that has won IF and Reddot awards, and years of experience in electronics design and implementation. We aim to create a series of innovative, creative, and unique electric transport that allow people to express their individuality.

We believe that by using our products, our customers can make healthier choices, leading to a more harmonious existence with the world. Our electronic vehicles can help the world move away from traditional combustion and towards a greener, net-zero future.

What Matters To Us

A safe way for your cycling journey. We handle all critical matters, tests, and relevant certifications for new frames, motors, controllers, battery packs, and more.