Nomad Cross - Pure

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Embrace the unknown

Go anywhere, do anything, with the Nomad Cross.

How can it look so good?

The Nomad Cross was built with adventure in mind. The slick, matt black frame and aviator turbine headlight make this your perfect companion for cruising. Combined with a sleek LCD display, it ensures you’re in the know.

Get there!

750 watts at your fingertips, with 5 levels of ride-assist to keep you cool and comfortable, no matter where you take the Nomad Cross. With a 30-mile range and a top speed of just under 30mph, we are confident the Nomad Cross will keep your adventure rolling.


Sand, snow, or streets, the Nomad Cross can take them all on! We don’t want your adventure to stop, just because the road conditions change. So we kitted out the Nomad Cross with fat tires, which provide insane grip no matter the terrain. If you want to get there, the Nomad Cross will get you there.

Are you ready?

Like all our models, the Nomad Cross was put together with sharp attention to detail. We’ve got turn signals. We’ve got Shimano gears. We’ve got quick releases on our tires. We’ve got one thing on our minds, and that’s to bring you the best adventure e-bike of the future.